Title might be confusing but I’ll explain what I mean.

What are the top tech companies? You know, Google, Facebook, Microsoft, et cetera. These tech companies are already too powerful, rich and almost impossible to destroy.

I believe a sane person should never completely trust and give too much information (including your private life that you don’t want to share with the public) to a powerful company. (Everyone has a private life, so please don’t deny it.)

These companies are not hosting your data for free, remember, these companies are “for profit” companies. That means they will do anything with your data to make a profit of it. They don’t survive with memes and dramas, they survive with advertising and big data processing.

This includes your search history, your photos, your secret messages with your partner and everything else you can think of. This is not right and it is against our basic human rights.

How can you trust all your data to a single company with ten thousands of employees who we will never meet when we don’t even trust the people we know in real life.

Don’t make this mistake and split your data into multiple separate providers, by not using a single service provider for everything.

Example: Don’t use Google for email, music, messaging, file storage. Instead use a different mail provider (FastMail), use a different music provider (Spotify), use a different messaging app (Telegram) and so on.