I’m not going to use Windows anymore. Every decision they make shows that they are not a company to be trusted. They don’t care about users (yes, you). You are not using their product, they are using you. If you want to turn your computer into a listening machine, go ahead and continue using it.

I will say goodbye to all good programs in Windows, Mp3Tag, Foobar2000, Search Everything. Maybe I’ll be able to run them through Wine (I’m not really counting on it though).

If you care about user choice, freedom or any other related matter, this is my call for you to stop using this malware-infested operating system. It’s not safe for us anymore. After Satya Nadella become CEO of the company, it became worse, and it is getting worse with every announcement they make.

Fun News

Less freedom to user, more power to Microsoft

With their recent update, Microsoft removed your right to access policies from Windows 10 Pro Edition. You either pay for Enterprise edition ($80+ per year per user) or enjoy that Pro version (as in Professional, which is not for average computer user!).

Microsoft will soon bundle all updates together, you either take all (Telemetry included for free!) or your computer will be vulnerable to security holes. They will no longer allow you to remove Telemetry updates you want from Programs and Features or forced “Get Windows 10 for free” updates.

Forced Updates on Windows 10

Windows 10 is update-friendly, that means you don’t need to worry about your updates anymore. They will install it with or without your permission, they don’t care.

Who doesn’t love when you are playing your favorite game and thousands of people are watching you then suddenly your Windows has to restart because forced updates (yay!). And of course, no option to install them later. (Gotta have that telemetry update!)

No testing, YOLO

Windows 10 has proved that Microsoft doesn’t give a single :duck: about you.

They break many things, including webcams, and shells.

They also lock up your computer, or crash when you plug non-Microsoft products to your PC or break your dual-boot system (Linux and Windows)

Never-ending communucation to Microsoft servers

Best feature of Windows 10 is Telemetry, not for you or me but for Microsoft to “improve their services”. That means your computer will talk to Microsoft even when you are sleeping, gaming, or working. Tracking and fingerprinting is their goal, and they are doing it without any issues. Whether you have Enterprise, Pro or any other version, Windows will still talk with all Telemetry options disabled

Quoting from the article:

The raw numbers come out as follows: in an eight hour period Windows 10 tried to send data back to 51 different Microsoft IP addresses over 5500 times. After 30 hours of use, Windows 10 expanded that data reporting to 113 non-private IP addresses. Being non-private means there is the potential for hackers to intercept this data. I’d argue this is the greatest cost to owning Windows 10

A further interesting fact is these tests were conducted using Windows 10 Enterprise Edition – the version of Windows 10 with most granular level of user control and far more than the standard Windows 10 Home edition used by most consumers. All of which confirms, this controversial data tracking simply cannot be stopped.

Just don’t use Windows 10 for your own privacy and safety.