This is a quick tutorial on how to disable Office 2016’s Telemetry feature that is bundled with the suite for free! What a deal!

  1. Download the required admin templates for Group Policy
  2. Extract them anywhere (e.g. Desktop). (You can delete the files we don’t need later)
  3. Go to admx and select en-US folder and all .admx files in the root directory of admx. (Screenshot here)
  4. Go to %systemroot%\policyDefinitions and move all selected files and folders to that folder.
  5. Open gpedit.msc and go to User Configuration > Administrative Templates > Microsoft Office 2016 > Telemetry Dashboard
  6. Disable or enable these Settings as shown below:
  7. Turn on telemetry data collection = :x: Disabled
  8. Turn on privacy settings in Office Telemetry Agent = :heavy_check_mark: Enabled
  9. Turn on data uploading for Office Telemetry Agent = :x: Disabled

It should look like this below:

Office Telemetry Group Policy Settings